The EUXDAT project is divided into seven work packages:

  • WP1 Project Management (led by Atos, Spain) – administrative, scientific and technical coordination of all activities.
  • WP2 Requirements and e-Infrastructure Definition (led by Wirelessinfo, Czech Republic) – description of pilots, identification of end-user communities, collection of requirements and definition of the main features of the e-infrastructure.
  • WP3 End Users Platform (led by Atos, France) – creation of data catalogue and connectors to data sources, provision of analytical tools and rich frontend.
  • WP4 Infrastructure Platform (led by University of Stuttgart, Germany) – optimisation of resource allocation between the cloud and high performance computing (HPC) infrastructures, their deployment mechanisms, monitoring and management.
  • WP5 Integration and e–Infrastructure Provision to Pilots (led by CERTH, Greece) – validation and testing of the e-infrastructure in real world scenarios including a) land monitoring and sustainable management implementation,  b) energy efficiency implementation and c) 3D farming.
  • WP6 Communication, Dissemination and Collaboration (led by Club of Ossiach, Austria) – ensuring the impact of the results in practice and their wider uptake.
  • WP7 Sustainability, Standardization and Exploitation (led by Atos, Spain) – aiming to extend and enhance the adoption of EUXDAT and the momentum of the community
    around it by promoting open innovation to involve European SMEs, developers and large organisations in the project activities.