Number of innovation Hubs SmartAfriHub, Polirural Hub, SIEUSOIL Hub, Plan4all Hub is using now technological line, which allow easy publishing of vector data on cloud. It is based on combination of more tools, see next scheme:

This solution could be potentially also interesting for EUXDAT because it could extended EUXDAT functionality and open possibilities for easy user publishing data. Due the fact, that EUXDAT is using Micka for Metadata management, this solution could be hot candidate.

The management of spatial information is composed of five basic components divided on:

  • Back end
    • Open Micka
    • Layman
  • Front end
    • Micka Light Client
    • Layman
  • External Application
    • QGIS with Layman plugin

Open Micka

Open Micka is a web application for management and discovery geospatial metadata. You can find more on and you can see also cone on GitHub


Layman is a web service for publishing geospatial data online through REST API. It accepts vector data in GeoJSON or ShapeFile format together with visual styling and makes it accessible through standardized OGC APIs: Web Map Service, Web Feature Service, and Catalogue Service. Even large data files can be easily published thanks to chunk upload and asynchronous processing. More info on GitHub

Micka Light Client

Micka Light Client will allow publishing easy metadata for Spatial Data It will be implemented in next days.

HSLayers NG

HSlayers NG is a web mapping library written in Javascript. It extends OpenLayers 6 functionality and incorporates basic ideas from the previous HSlayers library, but uses modern JS frameworks on the front end and provides better adaptability. That’s why NG (“New Generation”) is added to its name. It is still under development and serves as open source. HSLayers modules are designed in a modular way that allows the modules to be loosely attached and removed to meet all dependencies. Checking dependencies is done automatically. More info is here and on GitHub

Layman QGIS Plugin

This plugin is an extension of the geographic information system QGIS. It is a client application usable like a map layer provider for the Layman server. Main idea is to create and edit layers and create map composition structures on local stations that are possible to upload to the server. Plugin can also load map compositions/layers in the opposite direction as a client of WMS and WFS services. There is necessary authorization with Liferay server.

Plugin implements this main features:

  • OAuth2 authentication against Liferay server.
  • EPSG: 4326 support.
  • WMS, WFS support
  • Input can be any type of vector layer (SHP, GeoJson, KML, Memory layer etc.).
  • Keep symbology into server in SLD format.
  • Completely implements Layman rest API:
  • Support uploading huge data (bigger than 1MB) part by part.
  • Store map composition in HS Layers schema.

Detailed info about plugin, installation instructions and use cases of plugin are here:

Plugin repository: