On 4th October 2018, a meeting between the DataBio team and the representatives of the Vysocina Region was held in the Czech Republic. The Vysocina Region is highly interested in adopting the DataBio approach, especially in precision farming of the region and forest health management. An interest was also in the results of the EUXDAT project.

The history of the region has, to a great extent, been influenced by natural conditions. Medieval colonization, as well as the industrialization of the 19th century, affected the area of what is the present region later than was the case in the Bohemian and Moravian lowlands. Although this situation was to blame for Vysocina’s traditional position among the poorer of the country’s regions, the region was, on the other hand, spared environmental pollution and the devastation of large areas by developing industry. This is perhaps why Vysocina now ranks among the fastest-developing regions in the Czech Republic.

Vysocina boasts its pristine environment. The natural as well as the transport conditions in the region have attracted mainly businesses that do not pollute the environment. Any new investments are based on established strict environmental standards. The D1 (E55) motorway can clearly be identified as the most serious air-polluting factor in the region; compared with other regions, soil contamination is negligible in Vysocina. The region may be regarded as an island of health wedged between the three urban centres of Prague, Brno, and Vienna. This is why, among other reasons, the Vysocina Region was the first to become a member of the Association of Healthy Towns and Regions, and acquired the official title “The Healthy Region”. [source: https://www.kr-vysocina.cz/en/]